The Best Game Apps by Genre

The Most Popular Free Android Game Apps

The game app development field is a really important one, as today we are constantly on our phones and we play games when we wait for our friends, wait for the bus, or simply when we want to burn some steam off and do something relaxing. However, with so many popular game apps, it is practically impossible to find the best amongst those popular game apps, especially if you have a specific taste for games. Nyx is another game provider you need to consider if you are up for a higher-level of entertainment. Use the No Deposit Bonus on Nyx at provided by the Coral Casino, and enjoy free many of their prominent game titles. This is why, we’ve made a list of the most popular game apps considering their genre, so that you can have an easy time finding your best game for your android or apple phone.

1. Arcade: Pinball Deluxe

If you enjoy playing arcade games, this is probably the best one for you. You can play this cool retro pinball game on your phone, and the tables are customizable. You can collect mods and discover powerballs while improving your pinball skills.

2 . Battle and Warrior Theme : Mortal Combat X

Mortal Combat X is one of the most popular game apps for those who like adventure and realistic fight. It is available for android phones, and it is amazing because it has tremendous graphic and sound effects.

3. Real Money Gambling : Free Mobile Casinos

Those who like to play games that will win them real and big money prizes, enjoy the free mobile casinos as the est and most popular game apps for them. These legal online casinos come in different forms, and the most famous ones are the 888Casino, Sloty Casino or the LeoVegas casino which are available for mobile software, and they have an abundance of different casino games – Keno, video poker, regular poker, blackjack, roulette, themed slots and whatnot. Also, they are free for download.

4 Logical and Puzzles : The Room Series

If you like mystery games that will keep your brain working, you should probably consider playing the Room Series games. These mobile games are incredibly fun and they have you solving puzzles, riddles and using your logic to win the game and escape the room.

5. Racing : Fast & Furious Legacy

The most amazing game available for people who enjoy playing mobile games with car racing is the Fast & Furious legacy. Build your car enjoy winning races!

The Best Genre Voted By Mobile Gaming

After a lot of research, the winners of the best genre battle are in fact – real money games. This is probably because these games have a realistic impact into people’s life – they allow people to win real cash and spend it in real life, all while having fun playing some of the most adventurous games. Moreover, these games are available at legal online casinos, and as such, they are really convenient for people to play, from wherever they are. Imagine, waiting for the bus and suddenly becoming a millionaire! That’s exactly what happens with online and mobile versions of casino games, and this is the most important reason why they are the best and most rewarding option for phone gamers.

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